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caliber: 35 REMINGTON
Casing: BRASS
Condition: NEW
Grain: 150
Round Count: 20

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Experience the craftsmanship of Remington’s Core-Lokt .35 Rem ammunition – a union of the brand’s legendary legacy with the groundbreaking Core-Lokt bullet design. This ammo is not just a cartridge; it’s an encapsulation of tradition, innovation, and ballistics prowess.

Caliber: .35 Remington Introduced in 1906, the .35 Remington has anchored its place in history as a favored round for deer and black bear hunting in dense woods. Its unique balance between power and recoil has made it a treasured choice for hunters pursuing medium to large game in North America.

Brand: Remington With a history dating back to 1816, Remington stands tall as America’s oldest gun maker. Their ammunition echoes with stories of innovations, landmark patents, and a dedication to excellence that spans over two centuries.


  • Bullet Weight: 150 grain
  • Bullet Type: Pointed Soft Point (PSP)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2300 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 1762 ft/lbs
  • Casings: Prime, non-corrosive brass
  • Packaging: Box of 20 rounds


  • Core-Lokt Bullet Design: Remington’s proprietary Core-Lokt bullet design is a hallmark of controlled expansion and deep penetration. Its tapering jacket is mechanically locked to the core, ensuring that the bullet retains most of its weight even after impact.
  • Superb Ballistics: Offering a blazing muzzle velocity of 2300 fps and energy of 1762 ft/lbs, this .35 Rem cartridge promises consistent performance and optimal trajectory, time and again.
  • Quality Assured: Each round is crafted using the finest brass, primers, and powder, ensuring a smooth cycling, reliable ignition, and uniform ballistic performance.
  • Reloaders’ Gem: These robust brass casings are a treat for handloaders, promising extended shelf-life, consistent performance, and the pleasure of crafting one’s own loads.

Historical and Cultural Mentions: The .35 Remington has been a darling of hunters for over a century, often seen paired with the classic Marlin 336 lever-action rifle. This duo has been celebrated in countless hunting tales, where the cartridge’s effectiveness and the rifle’s reliability were praised.

In conclusion, the Remington Core-Lokt .35 Rem ammunition, with its 150 Grain PSP bullet, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering unmatched quality and performance. If you’re keen on equipping yourself with time-tested ammunition, KIR Ammo is your destination. Enjoy competitive pricing, 5-Star Customer Service, and speedy, discreet delivery with every purchase.

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